Zone 7 Engineering

Zone 7 Engineering, LLC is an electronics engineering company based in Portland Oregon USA. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that covers project planning, circuit design, embedded firmware development, prototyping, and production-readiness. We specialize in crafting solutions that push the boundaries of technology. With a foundation built on excellence, innovation, and a commitment to client success, we are your go-to partner for bringing cutting-edge electronic systems to life.

Founder David Ashman, is a senior level electronics engineer with extensive experience in the design of digital & analog circuitry incorporating various microprocessors/DSPs, and the development of embedded C/C++ firmware.

Zone 7 Engineering can assist customers in any of the following areas:

- Electronic circuit schematic design, PCB design, test, debug, and integration

- Electronic prototyping and preparation for product commercialization

- Embedded processor firmware design (drivers, application, and DSP algorithms), development, debug, and integration

- Initial project planning (specification writing, structuring, and system design).